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road accident
By - Miriam Colon

Technology : Road Accidents and Heart Diseases are Striking Arab World

According to a research conducted by Ibn Battuta Association, the people in Arab World are now living a longer life with a low rate of disability but the fact is that there are more chronic diseases in this region such as heart diseases. The rate of HIV and dying rate through malnutrition is also a big problem from the past twenty years. According to an injury and risk factor report, heart diseases are the biggest killer of the people in the Arab world. It also includes many respiratory diseases.

Health Improvement Rate in Arab World

The Arab word is broken down into Low, Middle and High-income nations. The health improvement is only seen in High-income nations like Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. Middle-income countries are Algeria, Morocco, Syria, and Sudan. The difference of income is prevailing in these regions and the big reason is that per capita income and gross national Income per person is very low. It ranges from USD 550 in Poor countries, USD 3200 in Middle-income countries, and USD 39000 in rich countries.

Chronic Diseases in Arab World

Like many other countries these countries are also having Heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. The major problem in these Arab countries is a mental disorder, depression, and anxiety. The main risk to the heath of people in the Arab world is High body mass index, high blood pressure, and dietary risks. Thousands of people in this region smoke and most people are chain smokers. This is the reason the Arab countries have the highest smoking rate in the whole world.

Chronic Diseases and Behavioral Changes

The biggest reason of such diseases in this region is due to behavioral changes. Due to low income, the people have a poor diet with fewer vegetables and fruits and important nutrients like protein. They don’t consume much fish and nuts. They are living a very pamper life with little physical activity. It is said that the youth in these countries will be a big problem for these nations in coming years. Diabetes and heart diseases are the major diseases and increasing fast like high blood pressure and obesity. It is very alarming because the large population of these patients consists of young people not over the age of 30 years.

The Road Accidents in Arab Countries

The ratio of death due to road accidents is increasing in the wealthiest Arab countries. The biggest source of death and disability in 2012 was road accidents in these countries. The reason is that the traffic on the road is increasing because many people in search of a job are migrating to these countries. As the income level per person is high in these wealthy countries so buying a ride is not a difficult task for people. The more the traffic of the roads the more are the chances of accidents.

Other causes of death in these countries are diarrheal infections, respiratory problems, and malaria. The rate of HIV patients is also increasing from the past few years. So each country in the region is different in its disease burden.