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By - Miriam Colon

How to start marketing on Instagram?

How to start marketing on Instagram Businesses utilizing Instagram to promote their items, administration, services and offers currently have a significantly more noteworthy chance to showcase their products to a super focused on crowd or audience. With the support of Facebook, Instagram has recently boosted its publicizing and advertising stage that incorporates with Facebook’s astonishing targeting capabilities and businesses are

By - Miriam Colon

5 Things to Learn about Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a way to gain attention and traffic by means of the social media sites. All kinds of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. are being used for marketing since these social sites enable us to interact with each other, and share messages and news with the other people. There are many things that need to be

Social media profile for business
By - Miriam Colon

Crafting a good social media profile for your business

If you are looking to create a business with the help of social media, you need to be very careful with how you are going to make your profile. Especially, for the businesses that only have presentation on social accounts, it becomes very tough to find success if your profile is not doing very good. There are various elements that

road accident
By - Miriam Colon

Technology : Road Accidents and Heart Diseases are Striking Arab World

According to a research conducted by Ibn Battuta Association, the people in Arab World are now living a longer life with a low rate of disability but the fact is that there are more chronic diseases in this region such as heart diseases. The rate of HIV and dying rate through malnutrition is also a big problem from the past

By - Miriam Colon

Job Training Benefits for Tech Users

How on the job training benefits new workers On the job training can be defined as a development process, which is done to help an employee improve their performance. It is an educational process for the new employees as they learn new things with training, this helps them to sharpen their skills, gain more knowledge, get their concepts clear, and